When you’re throwing a one-day-only event like a wedding, sometimes adaptability and problem-solving is required. Is it raining? Well then your outdoor ceremony has to move inside, and the room might have to be flipped pre-reception. Wardrobe malfunction? Who has a needle, thread, and knows how to backstitch? Guitar player gets into a car accident on the way to the venue? Uh...

That’s exactly what happened at Julie and Roy’s April wedding. They hired a talented guitar player to provide live music during the ceremony...and he was in a wreck on the way to the venue. When the wedding planner told our own DC wedding DJ Steven Hartka about an hour before the ceremony was due to start, he stepped up to the plate. He downloaded the music that the guitar player had planned to play, and used his phone as a hotspot to make it work. Boom. Crisis averted. 

Julie and Roy’s wedding was held at the Dockmaster Building at the District Wharf in Washington, DC. Perched at the end of District Pier, this glass-wrapped building provides 270-degree views of the Washington Channel. The couple said their vows outside right on the water, under the building’s protective overhang. Erinne Losinio of E. Losinio Photography was on-hand to capture the magic. 

But what ever happened to that guitar player? Luckily he was okay, and he made it to the venue in time to serenade the couple and their 35 guests during cocktail hour. 

When the reception began, DJ Steve got the party started. With such a small group, there was no need to introduce the wedding party. Instead, there was a simple—but enthusiastic—greeting to the bride and groom to the tune of All You Need is Love by The Beatles. 

We see you back there, Steve.

For their first dance, Julie and Roy chose the Eva Cassidy version of What a Wonderful World. This version is often overlooked in favor of the more famous Louis Armstrong original. And while both are fantastic, it was nice to play a version that fewer people know. 

Next, Julie and her dad danced to The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra, and Roy and his mom danced to A Song for Mama by Boyz II Men. This is clearly a couple that loves the classics—and yes, A Song for Mama is a classic. 

The couple requested jazz and contemporary tunes for the dinner part of their reception, with songs like Let’s Do It by Ella Fitzgerald and I Only Have Eyes for You by The Flamingos. This kept the vibe relaxed and classy, perfect for such a gorgeous venue. 

Once the floor was opened up for dancing, however, things got a little rowdier. With a great genre mix including songs by Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, Steely Dan, Outkast, Patty Labelle, and a lot more, things were hopping on the dance floor. The groom’s family was particularly enthused about disco hit The Groove Line by Heatwave.

Thank you to Julie & Roy for letting us create the musical magic on your special day! And special shoutout to DJ Steve who went the extra mile at this fantastic Washington DC wedding. 

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All photos by E. Losinio Photography

Published on:

Friday, June 18, 2021