Maryland’s DJ Hybrid Acts!

What are Hybrid Acts?

At Maryland’s DJ, we’re all about making moments with music. Discover the electrifying blend of live music and DJ sets with Maryland's DJ Hybrid Acts. Offering a unique fusion of live instrumentation, including saxophones, violinists, cello’s and trumpets, seamlessly integrated with dynamic DJ performances, we elevate events to unforgettable heights. From interactive MC charisma to vibrant musical elements, our performances ignite the dance floor, creating memories that resonate long after the music fades.

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MC/DJ Combo:

Having a DJ and a separate MC at an event creates a dynamic atmosphere. The DJ curates and mixes music, while the MC keeps the energy high and engages the audience. The DJ focuses on music, and the MC interacts with the crowd, makes announcements, and keeps the event flowing, ensuring guests are entertained and informed.

Pairs Well With: Saxophone


A string ensemble adds elegance to your wedding with rich tones from violins, violas, cellos, and double bass. They enhance the ceremony with beautiful music for key moments and offer diverse pieces during the reception. Their live performance adds a personal touch and luxury to the event.

Pairs Well With: Guitarist


A live saxophone adds a soulful touch to the DJ's set, blending beats with jazz or funk for a richer sound. The saxophonist's improvisation enhances songs and creates an engaging, immersive performance.

Pairs Well With: DJ/MC Combo


Adding a guitarist to your DJ's set enhances the music with dynamic, versatile sounds. The live guitar blends with electronic beats, creating a rich soundscape. The guitarist's improvisation adds depth and variety, making the music feel vibrant and spontaneous.

Pairs Well With: Strings!


360 Booth

Elevate Your Event To The Next Level

Create a mesmerizing experience for your guests with our 360 Booth. This cutting-edge tech captures panoramic photos, preserving every moment's detail. Elevate your event with the newest interactive and modern option.

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Tailor each experience to match your event's theme.

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Stunning, professional prints for lasting memories.


Embrace the latest technology for a seamless experience.

Professional Staff

Our energetic team ensures smooth operations and maximum fun.

Make your event truly epic with our customizable photo booth options.

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Choose any photo booth option, and our experienced professionals guarantee that your guests not only capture memories but also enjoy every moment of the process.

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