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Elevate Your Wedding or Special Event with Our Lighting and Effect Enhancements. Transform your celebration into an unforgettable experience with our range of lighting and effects. Paired with your personalized wedding DJ services,  here's why each feature can take your event from ordinary to extraordinary:

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Create the perfect ambiance with our Uplighting. This versatile lighting option can completely change the look and feel of your venue, bathing it in vibrant colors that match your theme or decor. Uplighting not only enhances the space but also highlights the architectural features of the venue, creating a visually stunning impact. With your perfect setlist personalized with your DJ, the lights can also change color to the beat of the music!

Pairs Well With: Dance Floor Lighting!

Image of fancy lighting set up at the venue

Dance Floor Lighting

Keep the energy high and the dance moves flowing with our dynamic Dance Floor Lighting. From subtle, romantic washes to vibrant, pulsating effects, our lighting setups are designed to match the mood of your music and keep your guests dancing all night long. 

Pairs Well With: Uplighting!

CO2 Cannon

Add an element of surprise and exhilaration with our CO2 Cannons. Perfect for key moments, these cannons blast clouds of CO2, cooling the dance floor and creating a thrilling visual effect that raises the energy and excitement among your guests.

Pairs Well With: Dance Floor Lighting!

Dancing on the Clouds

Make your first dance or any special dance ethereal with our 'Dancing on the Clouds' effect. This low-lying fog creates a beautiful, dreamlike scene that will make your moments feel magical and make for unforgettable photographs.

Pairs Well With: Uplighting!


360 Booth

Elevate Your Event To The Next Level

Create a mesmerizing experience for your guests with our 360 Booth. This cutting-edge tech captures panoramic photos, preserving every moment's detail. Elevate your event with the newest interactive and modern option.

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