Wanna party?

Ready to Make an Impact?

Learn new skills and work with amazing couples, corporations, and crazy uncle bob in the photo booth.

Real Income

No limit to how much you work

Real Freedom

Set your own schedule

Real Events

Events that shape lives and culture

Why do you wanna party with us?

Time to get paid

Have you put in 10+ years as a DJ? Are you a newbie looking to learn the ropes and how to dominate? We are fair and make sure if you put in the hustle, you'll see the benefits.... we'll even let you ask one of our other DJs in a peer to peer interview.


People have been partying since the beginning of time..... they aren't gonna stop. Even in the toughest of times people celebrate their most joyous occasions. Be a part of someones history or a corporation breaking glass ceilings.

Flexibility of All Kinds

You. Set. Your. Schedule. ..... End of story. Lets us know when you need the time off and we just won't book you. Plain and simple. If you want to work more then normal, that's cool too. Just let us know and we will accommodate.

Management That REALLY Cares About Your Success

Working towards your professional goals is what it's all about. Already a DJ? Awesome, lets level you up and get you on the team. Want to learn how to DJ? Even better, we have an INTENSE training process that'll get you there.

Freedom to Work Anywhere

Naturally we are called "Maryland's DJ" but we work all over the DC, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware area. So no matter where you live, we got some work for you! 

Be Entrepreneurial

Have the opportunity to network with the leaders in the event industry while honing your craft and crushing events. Working with our team lets the vendors work with know you are serious about your craft and will be sure to be around a very long time.

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Currently hiring DJs, event assistants, and photo booth operators.

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