Aren’t springtime weddings awesome? Temperatures are warming up, everyone’s shaking off the winter blues, and love is in the air. This year in particular (spring 2021) we have a lot to celebrate, as COVID loosens its grip on our lives and our celebrations. 

Sara and Michael tied the knot at Rosewood Farms, one of our favorite Maryland wedding venues in Elkton. This modern barn space is classic and timeless. The Rustic Barn ceremony site manages to feel both like the barn that it is but also like a cathedral or chapel. It’s just stunning. 

The photographer for the day was Sara Vars Photography, who captured this happy couple’s day from beginning to end! 

The bridal party’s entrance was to Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, followed by Sara’s entrance to Noah Reid’s cover of Simply the Best. If you’re not sure why you know that name, Noah Reid played Patrick on Schitt’s Creek. And let’s be honest...this scene is where we all officially fell in love with him, right? 

After the ceremony, the newly married pair were all smiles. And they had reason to be — this was a seriously happy crowd! And stylish. I mean — look at these poses! 

Elkton wedding DJ Steve welcomed the bridal party into the reception to the tune of Come and Get Your Love by Redbone. Then there was nothing left to do but introduce Michael and Sara to Good to Be Alive (Hallelujah) by Andy Grammer. This song is such a celebration! The couple then enjoyed their first dance to Van Morrison’s Crazy Love

Quick side note — often, couples like to have a relative or friend give a short speech or offer a blessing before dinner. During the planning process, we ask couples to fill out some information, including the best way to find the people that will be giving this speech. Sara and Michael decided to give their own. So under “best way to find this person,” they wrote, “We’ll be the ones that just got married.” It gave us a chuckle, and we just thought you should know about it. 

This wedding was a multicultural mashup. Sara is Irish and Michael is Brazilian, and it all came together into an epic dance party! This crew was on the dance floor for three hours straight. They enjoyed disco, hip hop, pop, rock, a little salsa…it was all over the place and it was a blast! 

A few of the hits: 

It was a seriously happy playlist. For the last song, they kept the good vibes going with Lizzo’s Good as Hell, and it really was. 

We want to bring an equally awesome playlist to your wedding! Let us know when the happy event is taking place, and we’ll get to work on making your wedding dance floor as epic as Sara and Michael’s. 

All photos by Sara Vars Photography

Published on:

Wednesday, March 31, 2021