Rosewood Farms brings the barn wedding venue out of the rustic category and into the elegant and chic arena instead. This modern barn venue in Elkton, MD sits on 44 acres of lush green farmland. It’s on its third life in recent memory, going from a cow and poultry farm to a vineyard to the wedding venue we see today. 

The two large barns onsite were recently renovated with an eye to modernization and elegance, while keeping their original character intact. Because the barns are so clean and chic, Rosewood Farms is not limited to country-style weddings—although those are certainly welcome! Glam, boho, vintage, traditional, and minimalist weddings can all slot seamlessly into the Rosewood experience. 

The Rustic Barn is where most indoor ceremonies are held. This two-story barn is whitewashed inside and has massive windows on all sides. It almost seems to glow! On the lower level, the space was kept to its historic roots with lots of exposed wood and brick. It has a live-edge bar and folding windows that bring the outside in.

Photo credit: Madison Short

Photo credit: Madison Short

The Rose Barn is the larger space, at 6,000 square feet. It’s used more often for the reception, since there’s space for up to 275 guests. The 20’ ceilings are adorned with rough wood beams and clerestory windows bring light into the full height of the space. The attached silo from the original barn has been preserved, and turned into a one-of-a-kind bar for your reception. And the patio that runs the full length of the barn overlooks the pond and gives guests a quiet place to cool down after a riotous turn on the dance floor.

Photo credit: Madison Short

Photo credit: Sara Vars Photography

One of the benefits of having so much space is the number of configurations that couples can choose from when planning their weddings. Partners can say their vows in the Rustic Barn, and then head over to the Rose Barn for their reception. Or they can have their ceremony at one of the outdoor sites, under the two towering pear trees or right at the edge of the pond (complete with sparkling fountain). And for cocktail hour, there are vast areas of lawn to choose from, plus several patios off each barn. 

The entire property features no shortage of photography opportunities. While it’s no longer a working vineyard, there are still grape vines on the property. The venue keeps them pruned and primed for use as a photo backdrop. Couples can also head out to the fields, or take pictures under the heavily-laden pear trees. There’s also a gorgeous stone staircase leading up to the Rustic Barn that’s perfect for group shots.

Photo credit: Sara Vars Photography

And of course, there is a separate Suite and a Lounge where the wedding party can get ready. Both spaces have plenty of room for the party to relax and enjoy snacks and drinks while they’re getting all dolled up.

Emily Simmons, Tour Venue Specialist at Rosewood Farms, said, “I believe what makes us so unique to clients is that we are able to offer a gorgeous venue that acts as an effortless backdrop in the best day of their lives.” And she’s absolutely right. There’s nothing here that needs to be “covered up.” Honestly, this is the type of space that speaks for itself. But since it’s so simple and sleek, you can bring in whatever you like to make it feel truly you.

We asked Emily to share some stories about her time with Rosewood Farms, and here’s what she had to say!

Responses have been lightly edited for clarity.

What is the most unusual or unexpected wedding you've ever had at your venue?

We had an epic Baraat (a parade of a hundred luxury vehicles with lights flashing and horns honking) for a multicultural couple and a jaw-dropping, indoor sparkler show! This specific wedding gave us excitement and momentum to continue hosting beautiful events for all cultures in the future!

What's the wildest thing a couple has ever asked for?

The couple wanted to fly to the ceremony in a helicopter!

What's the best "little kid moment" you've seen at a wedding?

The ring bearers dancing to an Elton John song that's featured in their favorite animated film!! So precious!

What's one thing you wish people knew about running a wedding or event venue? 

It takes a team of dedicated vendors to make your dreams come true. No couple should have to take it on alone!

This doesn’t have to be you! 

Want to see some real Rosewood Farms weddings? Check wedding recaps for Rebecca and Bill or Sara and Michael to see this space in action.

And if you’re planning your own wedding at Rosewood Farms, we’d love to help. We can help you with ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception music to set the tone for your special day. Just fill out our quick form to get started.

Header photo by Madison Short

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Monday, August 16, 2021