Fun fact: did you know that Elkton, Maryland used to be the “Quickie Wedding Capital of the East Coast?” Back in the early 20th century, young people were migrating to cities like New York and Philadelphia in droves. In a time when doing...certain things...before marriage could be life-ruining, young people were tying the knot a bit impulsively so they could get to the good stuff. 

Cue the state governments imposing mandatory waiting periods on these youngsters, so they couldn’t get hitched quite as quickly. But for couples who were desperate to make things legal before mom and dad intervened, they had to look for loopholes. And they found Elkton, where Main Street was home to 15 wedding chapels to handle the influx of “quickie weddings.” 

None of that has anything to do with couple Rebecca and Bill, who had a large, lavish, and family-approved wedding at Elkton’s Rosewood Farms. It’s just something we thought you should know. 

This sports-loving couple had a ball at their January wedding! Rosewood Farms is a modern barn venue full of ponds, patios, and rustic elegance. The couple held their ceremony in The Rustic Barn, a stunning all-white double-height barn. This luminous space has wrought-iron chandeliers and huge windows to let in the light. With the greenery at the altar and the ethereal glow of the sun against the whitewash, it’s like a barn mixed with a cathedral in a fairyland.

Outside during cocktail hour, the couple asked Elkton wedding DJ Steven to play a contemporary country mix, which he happily did. The country theme continued for the first part of the reception. For Rebecca and Bill’s first dance, they chose One Man Band by Old Dominion. Then Rebecca danced with her father to My Wish by Rascal Flatts, followed by Bill and his mom dancing to I Am Your Child by Barry Manilow. 

The reception took place in the Rose Barn, a beautiful open space with 20’ ceilings and rustic wood beams. Outside, a covered patio overlooks one of the water features on the property. 

If their guests had any questions about where Rebecca and Bill’s sports allegiances lay, their doubts were put to rest during the reception. The Ravens’ playoff game was on the big screen during the whole reception, and Elkton wedding DJ Steven played The Whites Stripes’ Seven Nation Army, which is a Ravens hype-up song.

By time the dance floor opened up, this country party took a definite turn towards hip-hop. The couple’s “must play” list included songs by Gucci Mane, Kendrick Lamar, Megan Thee Stallion, and Cardi B — including one particular tune by those two ladies that was only played after 9:00pm when granny had gone to bed! 

After a mock send-off, DJ Steve played I’m the Ish by DJ Class featuring Kanye West, which got the party started up again. Photographer Madison Short caught this fun-loving crowd in all their glory all night long! 

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All photos by Madison Short

Published on:

Monday, April 5, 2021