Have you ever seen the transformation of an event space from ho hum to holy cow? There are many elements that go into a well-designed space, but uplighting is one of the best ways to turn a standard ballroom into a show-stopping masterpiece. 

Today, we’re chatting about uplighting: what it is, how it works, and how you can use it at your wedding or corporate event.

What is uplighting?

Uplighting involves placing light fixtures on the floor and aiming them up at the walls and ceiling. The effect is to provide a glow and ambience around the perimeter of the event space. 

These lights often come in multiple color options, letting you create a variety of moods in the same room. White or blue uplighting, for example, can turn a neutral space into an elegant, chic one. Red or purple can create a dramatic vibe. And a multi-colored lighting plan can make the room fun and playful. 

How is uplighting used?

Uplighting is often used at weddings and events to bring a little extra personality to a ballroom or conference room. Different colored lights may be used to make the room coordinate with the wedding colors or brand logo. 

Because the lights are all on the same system, you could also do multiple effects at one event. For example, you could use white uplighting during the dinner and wedding speeches, and then change to a red effect once the DJ opens the dance floor.

Here’s the lovely dining room at Charlie Palmer Steak in Washington, DC, with no uplighting: 

Now here it is with some gentle blue uplighting to coordinate with event decor: 

And here it is with a richer blue: 

And now with a fiery red! 

See how the different colors can create a completely different feel — in the same room, with the same furniture and layout?

Uplighting can be used to define a space like a wedding ceremony site, DJ booth, head table, or the processional aisle. It can also create drama by playing on the room’s features, like alcoves or columns, or by adding texture and dimension to a blank canvas, like a tent or draped walls. Check out how we used a green light to highlight the huge fireplace at this Harry Potter-themed wedding!

Photo by Photography By Brea

Uplighting also improves the visibility of your event space for photos, without relying on harsh overhead lighting that kills the vibe. 

How should we get started with uplighting for our event?

Your specific lighting plan will depend on the room to be lit and the feel you’re going for. We’ll work with you to determine how many lights we’ll need to create the right ambiance for your event space.

What makes the uplighting from Maryland’s DJ different? We use 100% wireless lighting, so there will be no clumsy wires taped around the room, causing a trip hazard and eyesore. Our lighting can also be remote-controlled, so we can create a lighting plan that changes throughout the evening.

And finally, we use much wider lights than the “industry standard” to create a bright, vibrant wash of color all the way up the wall. This prevents that weak “spotlight” look that is produced by so many uplighting companies. Instead, you get walls and ceilings full of color, making the whole room glow. 

The cost of uplighting will vary depending on how many lights are needed and the size of the space. Contact us today so we can start designing your lighting plan!

Published on:

Sunday, July 5, 2020