You’ve set the date, picked the venue and bought a dress. Now you need to book the best DJ for your Maryland wedding. You may be asking yourself ‘what exactly does a wedding DJ do?!’ The answer is a bit of everything, honestly. Let’s explore a few things your wedding DJ will do in addition to playing music. You may be surprised to find out just how much work we put into your big day.

Bring the Vibe

You bring the guests, the dresses, and the love. We’ll bring the vibe. Music for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception make or break the entire feel or atmosphere of your wedding day. Your MDJ DJ will work with you to get to know you and your partner really well. They will know the style you’re trying to achieve and exactly how to get it. Half the work is done before we even get to the wedding. We’ll plan in advance so you won’t have any uncertainties on your wedding day. You know we are well-prepped, all we need from you is where to set up. 😎

MC the Reception

Have you ever been at a wedding where the bride and groom cut their cake, and you had no idea it was about to happen? Or three speeches were made and you had no idea who was even speaking? That is what a good DJ helps with. We’ll announce your wedding party, announce you and your partner for the first time ever, tell your guests to get ready for first dances, speeches, cake cutting, bouquet tosses, and anything else you need. This keeps your reception organized, flowing well, and less chaotic. We’ll also announce when it’s time to hit the dance floor, take requests (if you allow them) and keep the party energized and bouncing! 

Bring Extra Details 

In addition to everything previously mentioned, extra great DJs can provide a few extra details to make your wedding reception perfect. Since we already know what kind of party you’re going for, we will be able to advise what type (if any) lighting will help bring that extra something special and achieve the feel you are going for. Lighting will set the mood of the room or bring some extra energy to the dance floor. And if you want to give your guests something to remember the night by, add we will bring a photo booth! Photo booths are so much fun and can give your guests a break between dances.  

Maryland wedding DJ’s work hard to plan your music, MC your reception, and bring some extra love to your day. Between all that planning, a lot of careful setup, and working the music all evening, we stay really busy. Your DJ will have a lot to keep up with, so it’s vital to stay in communication and keep us updated on any changes we might need to know about. 

The DJ’s at Maryland’s DJ have years of experience playing music for and MCing weddings and are excited to get to know you and your partner and how we can make your wedding day absolutely perfect. Schedule a free consultation to get started

Published on:

Tuesday, July 30, 2019