We’re music people here at Maryland’s DJ. And if we had to pick one genre of music that perked up a dance floor the most, it would probably be salsa. Even if your guests are more familiar with the kind that goes on chips than the dance steps, no one can hear that clave beat and not move their bums.

We’ve picked 12 of our client’s favorite salsa songs that never fail to heat up the reception. Warning — listening to these songs may result in spontaneous fits of hip-swinging.

  1. Despacito by Luis Fonsi feat. Victor Manuelle (The Salsa Version)

The Justin Bieber version may be the most popular incarnation of this song, but this salsa version swaps Biebs out for horns, bongos, and a salsa swing. 

  1. Vivir Mi Vida by Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony’s ode to living in the moment is a dance floor winner. Even English speakers who don’t know the words will be swept away by the joy of the tune. 

  1. Suavemente by Elvis Crespo

A low budget music video and some leather pants couldn’t stop this song’s 98 week run in the top 10 on the Latin Albums chart. Even people who don’t know what this song is called will know it when they hear it.

  1. La Gozadera by Gente De Zona feat. Marc Anthony

This pop-salsa hit by duo Gente De Zona and the wonder Marc Anthony has over a billion views on YouTube. 

  1. Corazon Sin Cara by Prince Royce

Prince Royce isn’t very well known by American audiences, and that’s a real shame. Play this slower salsa tune to catch a breather at your wedding.

  1. Chantaje by Shakira feat. Maluma (Salsa Version)

The original version of this song has a more reggaeton beat, but the salsa version has that distinct clave that makes salsa so danceable.

  1. La Vida Es Un Carnaval by Celia Cruz

It might surprise you to know that one of the biggest Latin songs of 1998 was by a 73-year-old artist, but it’s true! The legendary Celia Cruz had a career that spanned over 50 years and included both music and television appearances. 

  1. Stand By Me by Prince Royce

Prince Royal’s salsa version of this famous song is just as wedding-appropriate as the Ben E. King original. 

  1. Tu Amor Me Hace Bien by Marc Anthony

The English translation of this title is “You Make Me Feel Good,” and that’s certainly the sentiment we want at a wedding, right? 

  1. Valio La Pena by Marc Anthony

We honestly could have filled this entire list with Marc Anthony songs. But we’ll stop at three. Well, three and a half if we count #5. Fun fact: this song has a lyric that goes “Como dice Celia (As Celia says) ‘My English is not very good looking.’” It’s a quote from #8’s Celia Cruz!

  1. Vente Pa’ Ca by Ricky Martin feat. Maluma (Salsa Version)

Another song with a reggaeton beat that was also released as a salsa, this was one of the hottest Spanish-language releases of 2016. 

  1. Propuesta Indecente by Romeo Santos

Starting with an accordion riff, this song’s sultry salsa will heat up the dance floor. The lyrics are a bit steamy, but it’s salsa! It’s all steamy. 

If you want some salsa heat on your wedding dance floor, we can make it happen. We’ll work with you to pick the perfect salsa or Latin playlist for your big day!

Header photo by Procopio Photography

Published on:

Wednesday, June 24, 2020