A fun-filled, beautiful wedding is still possible in the COVID-19 world. All we have to do is put our thinking caps on and come up with some small shifts that will ensure a safe environment for everyone.

One of the primary adjustments we all need to make is avoiding high-touch areas, like microphones, countertops, and photo booths.

That’s why we have a 100% touchless photo booth rental for your Maryland-area wedding! You and your guests can take all the goofy pictures you want, and your fingers will never make contact with the equipment. 

So let’s talk about why a photo booth rental is still a good choice, and how they work. 

Why rent one?

We understand that during this pandemic, some couples may not feel comfortable with a dance floor. That’s why a photo booth makes a great addition to your wedding day. 

A touchless photo booth gives guests something fun to do, and provides them with a digital memento of the day. Pictures are sent straight to their phones, so guests can upload them directly to their social media. 

Photo booths are appropriate for all ages, and you can provide props to let people be as silly as they want.

A photo booth also ensures that more of the guests will have their pictures taken, which will let the couple use those pictures as a digital guest book. You could lay them all out in a collage, or print out hard copies. You could also print out a favorite to mail to your guests in their thank you cards. 

How does a touchless photo booth work?

A photo booth rental from Maryland’s DJ is a high-end piece of equipment with a small footprint. Meant to be unobtrusive, the photo station can be tucked into a corner, well out of the way. 

When guests walk up to the screen, the photo booth’s advanced recognition software will spring to life. All they have to do is pose, and the booth will take care of the rest. Then, they can use their phones to scan a custom QR code, downloading the pictures to their phones instantly. 

It doesn’t just have to be a pic, either! This booth can also take Boomerangs, gifs, and videos. So there are multiple ways for guests to play. 

They can also apply filers, like sepia and black and white. And with a custom backdrop option, you can make the background of the pictures match the rest of the decor. 

As for props, we won’t be providing props to use during weddings for the foreseeable future. But couples are welcome to provide props for their guests to use.


A photo booth rental is an easy addition to your wedding, micro wedding, or minimony. We’re looking forward to all the wild pictures you and your guests will take!

To start planning your wedding day, or if you need help pivoting from a larger wedding to a smaller ceremony, let us know.

Published on:

Monday, July 27, 2020