So you’ve heard the term “micro wedding” and you have a pretty good grasp on it. But what the heck is a minimony?

The “mini” in minimony refers to the size of the wedding itself — not to the size of the love between the couple. 

Although the minimony is not a product of the COVID-19 world, it has seen increased popularity in the past few months. As couples try to pivot their plans in a safe way that still lets them celebrate, these intimate wedding ceremonies can be just the ticket. 

So what is a minimony?

A minimony is a wedding ceremony that includes the bride, groom, and just a few guests — usually under 10. This keeps guest counts under the 10-person-or-less gathering guidelines currently in place in many states.

The minimony will usually include the ceremony and a short reception. Although the small guest count tends to make minimonies feel less formal, we still think you should enjoy all the trappings of your ceremony. 

Have a processional to a favorite song, recite your custom vows, and let the tears flow.

Photo by Dani Leigh Photography

After the ceremony, some couples choose to serve a full meal. Others limit their reception to appetizers and cocktails. 

With so few guests, a dance floor would be a bit sparse. Instead, olay some great mood music and treat it like an intimate party it is with your closest family. 

Why Have a Minimony?

With COVID-19 making large gatherings impossible, a minimony on your original wedding date achieves a few goals. 

First, it lets couples have a celebration and way to honor their relationship now, instead of making them wait until 2021 or beyond. It provides a way to keep the same anniversary date, in case their preferred date is unavailable in the future. 

And it ensures that on your original wedding date, you and your fiance will still have something to look forward to. This is a crazy season, but weddings can still give us all something to be joyful about.

Ideas for your Minimony

First of all, you can fit 10 people anywhere. So you have lots of minimony venue options. Many opt to have them in a backyard with a nice garden. But if you don’t have flowers of your own, use a public park instead. 

Photo by Dani Leigh Photography — Venue: Antrim 1844

You could also rent out a private room in a restaurant or cafe — they’d love to have you during these trying times. 

We know one couple who had their minimony on a bridge overlooking a river in a major city. Think of it as a pop-up event, and throw it wherever you like. 

Next, don’t forego the photographer! Just because this event will be small doesn't mean you won’t want to preserve those memories. This is a wild time — pictures of your guests with masks on will be a detail you won’t want to forget. 

And finally, even though this will be a smaller affair, you want to create the atmosphere. Ceremony music is still important to make sure your wedding feels like...well...a wedding. And after the ceremony, some of your favorite tunes will keep your guests mingling and chatting. 

So we’ve set up a minimony package to help couples celebrate in (small) style. One of our DJs will run your ceremony music, plus provide a hand-picked music mix for 1.5 hours after the ceremony. We’ll also bring wireless mics for the ceremony and speeches — all to be used hands-free. 

This is an unusual season, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate. Get in touch with us today to schedule your micro wedding or minimony!

Header photo by Dani Leigh Photography

Published on:

Thursday, July 23, 2020