While pretty much anyone who was young in the 90s and noughties has a soft spot for that era’s pop music, hopefully no one will be upset when we say pop music is having a moment. What used to be bubblegum and maaaaybe a bit on the generic side has become so much more interesting in the past few years.

Pop singer/songwriters like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift write introspective, thoughtful lyrics to upbeat tunes. Pop country has become downright fun. 

Plus. we now have Lizzo.

So many good pop songs, so little time. To help you out, here are the 20 most requested pop songs from our clients at Maryland’s DJ!

20. Please Me by Bruno Mars & Cardi B

It’s catchy and sultry, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Only play this Bruno Mars & Cardi B song if your friends and family are pretty open-minded!

19. I Don’t Care by Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber

Considering this song is about people who don’t want to be at a party and don’t want to be all dressed up, it’s a bit odd that this one has been such a smash at weddings lately. Fortunately people don’t take it too literally and still enjoy it, even with lyrics like, “I hate everyone here, I don’t like nobody but you.” 

18. Cool by The Jonas Brothers

The brothers are seriously feeling themselves in this laid back song about how awesome they are. It would come off as narcissistic if they didn’t have such a good sense of humor about themselves. 

17. 10,000 Hours by Dan + Shay & Justin Bieber

Dan + Shay have been all over weddings lately, from processionals to first dances to receptions. They’re the kings of country-pop love songs right now, and this ode to their (and Justin Bieber’s) wives is crazy sweet.

16. Lover by Taylor Swift

TayTay gets hate sometimes for writing “too many” songs about her ex-boyfriends, whatever that means. But this song shows a comfortable coziness with a long-term love, and it’s a great wedding reception choice.

15. Me! by Taylor Swift & Brendon Urie

Like Cool, Taylor and Brendon aren’t afraid to share how much they’re feeling themselves. There seems to be an overall trend in pop music these days of unabashed self-love, and it’s pretty refreshing.

14. Higher Love by Kygo & Whitney Houston

The Steve Winwood original was great, and this cover featuring previously unreleased Whitney Houston vocals is delightful. As a bonus, check out the 80s-inspired video. There’s even a Flashdance-style chair dance.

13. Talk by Khalid

This tune was a collab with British duo Disclosure, and something about it does have a UK vibe. It’s crispy and synth-y in all the best ways.

12. Senorita by Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello

This steamy Latin pop song by real-life couple (at least at the time) Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello gets the dance floor moving. 

11. Con Calma by Daddy Yankee & Katy Perry

Ok stay with me. In 1992, a white Canadian reggae artist named Snowreleased a song called Informer that was a huge hit. In 2019, Daddy Yankee, the Puerto Rican King of Reggaeton, remade the song in Spanish — including some newly recorded vocals by Snow himself. 

And then there was a remix of the remake, featuring Katy Perry. So we’ve got a Reggaeton song, nearly 30 years in the making, by a Canadian, a Puerto Rican, and an American. What a time to be alive.

10. All to Myself by Dan + Shay

This second Dan + Shay song is a bit more on the pop side of the pop country spectrum. It’s fast enough to dance to but slow enough that a couple could have a quiet moment on the side of the dance floor.

9. Hey Look Ma, I Made It by Panic! At the Disco

If you’d told us 10 years ago that Panic! at the Disco would have TWO songs on this list in 2020, we wouldn’t have believed you. That’s no disrespect — the songs are bangers and Brendon Urie has a great voice. But honestly, who thought he had the power for this kind of pop trajectory as a solo project after the mid-aughts emo/pop punk beginnings? Call us pleasantly surprised. 

8. Knockin’ Boots by Luke Bryan

This tune is definitely on the country side of the pop spectrum, but so much country is pop-ified these days that it’s hard to distinguish where one genre ends and the other begins. But this pleasant tune is fun and catchy, and that’s all that matters.

7. 7 Rings by Ariana Grande

Ariana in love is great. But Ariana out of love is sublime. This ode to money, excess, and the girls will make the bridal party go bananas.

6. Good as Hell by Lizzo

This is Lizzo’s world, and we’re all just living in it. She’s the loving, body-positive, real-as-hell woman we all need in our lives. 

5. The Git Up by Blanco Brown

This country line dance with a bit of hip hop production lets guests do a choreographed dance that they’re not sick-to-death of. 

4. Truth Hurts by Lizzo

I just took a DNA test, turns out literally everyone is in love with Lizzo. 

3. Sucker by the Jonas Brothers

Remember what we said about Panic! At the Disco? That goes triple for the Jonas Brothers. Once the domain of tweens, they’ve grown up, married absolute bombshells, and put out crazy catchy songs like this.

2. Juice by Lizzo

Yes, that’s THREE entries for Lizzo on this list. And this isn’t just because we have a slight Lizzo-obsession. These are the most-requested songs. So you’re the ones who are obsessed, thank you very much.

1. Old Town Road by Lil Nas X feat. Billy Ray Cyrus

Nothing against country music, but it tends to be a little serious. That’s why the current spate of fun pop-country songs is so refreshing. Lil Nas X’s huge hit has been a breath of fresh air for the country scene, and we hope there will be more in the future!

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Published on:

Tuesday, June 16, 2020