On May 11, 2019 we had the privilege of working with the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation. We love being able to partner with organizations who are doing such important work, and were honored this group asked us to join them. The event we worked was called the SpeakUp5k, a 5k race to raise awareness and understanding about teenage mental health.  The event was hosted at the Outlets in Clarksburg, Maryland, which was a great area for the race and a celebration for the participants. Cameron’s dad even gave an emotional speech, thanking everyone for participating and reminding us about how valuable their participation was. We were humbled to come together with a group of people fighting for a wonderful cause.

The Cameron K. Gallagher foundation was created in honor of a brave 16 year old girl who fought hard to overcome her anxiety and depression. Cameron was passionate about helping other teenagers who struggled like she did, and worked hard to organize a 5k race to bring awareness to her community. After setting a personal goal of completing a marathon, Cameron tragically passed away from an undiagnosed heart condition only moments after passing the finish line. Though the CKG Foundation was born out of tragedy, her parents work hard to keep her legacy alive. The foundation offers programs and classes for young people of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds to help bring forth hope and encouragement to any who may be suffering.

Maryland’s DJ is proud to have been able to support this wonderful group who are working so hard to bring awareness and change to teens across the nation.

Events like this one can sometimes present a challenge to the event’s organizer. The music needs to be energetic enough to get keep everyone interested and energized, but needs to be professional and family-friendly. Of course, that is no problem for Maryland’s DJ because that is exactly what we specialize in! We know that corporate events require a level of professionalism and energy, and take pride in being able to provide that balance to every event we work!

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Published on:

Saturday, May 11, 2019