Nestled in the picturesque countryside of Taneytown, Maryland, Antrim 1844 offers couples a timeless backdrop for their wedding day. Marketing Manager, Sarah Van Marwijk, shared the story of this historic venue and why it's the ideal setting for your special day.

Weddings at Antrim 1844

In 1987, Dorothy and Richard Mollett discovered Antrim and were immediately captivated by its allure. Transforming this hidden gem into a tranquil retreat became their passion project. By 1988, Antrim 1844 debuted as a charming bed and breakfast, marking the beginning of its journey as a cherished destination near Washington D.C. &  Baltimore, MD. Over the years, the Molletts meticulously restored the property, expanding accommodations and preserving its rich history for generations to come.

Antrim 1844 was more than a restoration project—it was a labor of love. Left abandoned for over half a century, the estate was a shadow of its former grandeur, with its once-majestic mansion now dilapidated and its grounds overgrown. Undeterred by the daunting task ahead, Dorothy and Richard embarked on the monumental challenge of reviving the Greek Revival Mansion. Today, Antrim 1844 stands as a beacon of historical preservation, designated as a noteworthy site on the National Register of Historic Places and Historic Hotels of America.

Historic charm of Antrim 1844

Dorothy and Richard Mollett have dedicated their lives to building a beautiful hotel and community around the preservation of Antrim 1844. Over the years, they meticulously collected antiques and artwork, bringing our stunning interior and exterior to life. Guests have the opportunity to immerse themselves in its rich history while enjoying modern touches of refinement, from our magnificent Formal English Tea Rose Garden to the fine dining presentation at The Smokehouse Restaurant. With 40 uniquely decorated guest rooms and personalized touches throughout each guest's stay, Antrim 1844 promises a high level of care and historical influence that sets it apart as a truly unforgettable destination.

Indoor details of Antrim 1844

Step into a world of refined elegance as you explore the enchanting spaces of Antrim 1844. From the grandeur of the Formal English Tea Rose Garden to the secluded charm of the Boxwood Garden, this venue offers a variety of picturesque settings for your wedding ceremony and reception. Exchange vows amidst the fragrance of blooming roses or host an intimate gathering surrounded by lush greenery and natural beauty.

Antrim 1844's outdoor photo spots

With its timeless beauty and historic charm, Antrim 1844 provides the perfect backdrop for capturing your love story. From the elegant interiors of the mansion to the scenic vistas of our gardens, every corner of our estate offers a unique opportunity for breathtaking wedding photos that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Gardens at Antrim 1844

No Antrim 1844 wedding is complete without the perfect soundtrack, and our venue is proud to partner with top-tier wedding DJs who know how to keep the dance floor buzzing all night long. From classic hits to modern favorites, our luxury wedding DJ’s will ensure that your celebration is filled with joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

Seasonal details of Antrim 1844

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When asked some questions about the venue, Sarah shared some of her personal insights:

Who is your ideal client?

We typically serve clients who are located in the greater DMV area with a great appreciation for history. We serve a large variety of clients from corporate guests, leisure guests, and weddings. 

What is the most unusual or unexpected wedding you’ve ever had at your venue?

We have truly had some wonderful events over the years. Some of which have been featured in popular wedding magazine’s like Baltimore Magazine and Martha Stewart Weddings. 

What’s one thing you wish people knew about running a wedding or event venue?

It’s important to hire professionals that know the venue to make the wedding day go very smoothly. 

Why Maryland’s DJ Loves Antrim 1844:

Imagine stepping onto the elegant grounds of Antrim 1844, where the historic charm meets modern sophistication. For a Maryland DJ, this venue is nothing short of a dream come true. With its picturesque gardens, stunning mansion, and timeless aura, Antrim 1844 offers an enchanting backdrop for events, and Maryland's DJ couldn't be more thrilled to be part of this wonder.

Frederick, Maryland, is home to some of the best DJs in the region. Known for their keen ability to read the crowd and keep the dance floor lively, Frederick's wedding DJs have built a reputation for making each wedding uniquely memorable. The same can be said for the top-tier DJs in Taneytown, whose expertise and passion for good music make them a sought-after choice for many events.

When searching for a "DJ near me" in Maryland, it's hard to overlook the special allure of Fredericks’ best DJs. Known not only for their technical skills but also for their exceptional people skills, they bring a personal touch that turns every gig into a tailored experience. Their professionalism and creativity make them stand out, ensuring that each event is a resounding success.

Working at Antrim 1844, however, takes the cake for many of these talented individuals. The venue’s exquisitely restored ballrooms, lush settings, and historic architecture create a perfect blend for audio and visual delights. As an Antrim 1844 DJ, you're not just playing music; you're weaving the soundtrack of lifetime memories.

The unique ambiance of Antrim 1844 provides an exceptional canvas for DJs to paint with their musical expertise. It's not just about turning tables and mixing tracks; it's about enhancing the joy and emotion of every guest. From the first dance to the last song, the synergy between a skilled DJ and the grandiose of Antrim 1844 is nothing short of magical, translating into an unforgettable experience for newlyweds and guests alike.

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Monday, June 10, 2024