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“The best mixing I have heard from a DJ at any wedding or party I've been to, by far. If you are going big on your DJ, Maryland’s DJ is the last stop.”

Steve & Jess

married on 10/19/2018

“The party was awesome. Jordan made the dance floor packed from start to finish. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

Ryan & Kristen

married on 10/19/2018

We are absolutely thrilled with his service, and are trying to figure out what parties we can throw with him in the future!

Jon & Lilly

married on 09/22/2018

If I could do it over, I wouldn't change a thing. He is amazing and I cannot recommend him enough!

Adam & Kate

married on 05/27/2017

Our guests were dancing all night and many commented on how smooth the transitions were between songs and how seamlessly the music flowed! I recommend him and his team to EVERYONE!

Brendon & Christine

married on 05/05/2018


If you can't find the answer you are looking for please contact us.

Can you provide references or reviews?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on our reputation and can provide you with contacts or you can also check our reviews on WeddingWire

Do you take requests from our guests?

As long as it’s okay with you, we take requests and play them as long as they fit within the flow of the event. I will never kill your party for a guest request

Do you MC?

Yes, we handle all formalities and announcements. We are not standup comedians and this is not an American Idol tryout for us. We do not aim to embarrass you or your guests and we actually discourage the “cheese factor” at our events.

We hate cheesy clique wedding songs, can we control the playlist?

We provide you the opportunity to create playlists through our custom online portal. Our approach is to then read your crowd, let your crowd guide us through the night, while mixing in the songs from your playlists. This creates an atmosphere everyone can enjoy!

Can we come to one of your events?

We do not invite potential clients to private events. You will receive the same courtesy. If we have a public event, you are more than welcome to attend. We do invite you to check out our studio when you are ready so we can do a live in person demo so you can really see the magic happen!

But what if we only want you to play our playlist?

Although your playlist might be great, we ask you to remember how diverse a wedding can be. Maryland's DJ is at its best when we have the ability to read your crowd and make playlist decisions based on your guests and the mood. We always incorporate your songs and keep your vision in mind. But, if you are looking for us to play your ipod, we probably are not the best fit for your event.

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