Megan Frizzell, Owner, Inexpressible Moments Weddings & Events

At some point in the wedding planning process, every couple realizes that weddings are hard work! There are so many little details to consider, vendors to coordinate, and decisions to make. And unless you’re a full-time event planner for a living, you may feel like you’ve been thrown in the deep end. 

That’s where a great wedding planner comes in. 

Megan Frizzell of Inexpressible Moments Weddings & Events thrives on the chaos of the wedding day. She takes on all the stress of throwing a huge party for your friends and family, leaving you free to relax and enjoy your day. 

Megan offers a variety of packages for different budgets, from lighter “day-of” coordination to full planning services. She can help couples to develop a clear wedding vision, settling on big picture details like venue, colors, and timeline. She can help to select vendors and manage those complicated payment timelines. She can attend the rehearsal, making sure unruly groomsmen and impatient flower girls are all where they need to be. 

And of course, she’ll be there on the wedding day, taking care of the wedding party, keeping vendors organized, and putting out any little fires that may pop up from time to time. 

A wedding planner you can trust is a huge asset to have on your wedding day. As most married couples will tell you, something always goes wrong! So a dedicated planner that always has your back is key to maintaining a stress-free day for the bride, groom, and their loved ones.

Here at Maryland’s DJ, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Megan in the past. For example, she coordinated Lindsay & Zach’s gorgeous wedding at the Baltimore Museum of Industry in mid-2019, which went off without a hitch. 

Photo by Breanna Shaw of Photography By Brea

Brides she’s worked with have described her as “a life changer,” “phenomenal,” and “super detail-oriented.” Those are some happy brides! 

We caught up with Megan to learn her thoughts about wild weddings, favorite venues, and why red wine is no substitute for champagne. Enjoy!

Responses have been lightly edited for clarity.

How did you get started in the wedding industry?

I always knew I had a heart for planning, but it took me planning my own wedding to really feel it was right for me! After I planned my wedding, friends asked me to help plan theirs. Then I had friends of friends reaching out to me about planning and that’s when I knew it was time to take the leap and dive into the wedding and event planning industry!

What’s your favorite venue and why?

Man, that’s a hard one! I love many venues, but the venue that sticks out the most to me is Pond View Farm in White Hall, MD. I’ve always been a rustic wedding venue fan! I feel there are so many different ways to spruce them up! Pond View is one of my favorites because it has everything to offer! 

Photo by Breanna Shaw of Photography By Brea

The ceremony spot is perfect — under a beautiful willow tree with a pond and water fountain in the background! If it rains, couples can tie the knot on the outside patio under the awning, which still allows the view of the pond and willow tree in the background. Inside, the barn has a gorgeous light wood look with side sliding doors to allow a beautiful breeze and view in the evening!  There are also perfect living quarters on the grounds for the bridal party to get ready in. It’s a one stop shop! What more could a couple ask for?

What’s your favorite thing about weddings?

The first dance for sure! This is always a tear jerker for me. Whether slow and intimate or fast and fun, it’s always memorable!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen a member of the wedding party do?

At one wedding, the bridal party thought it would be a good idea to shake a bottle of red wine as if it were champagne — all over the couple and guests on the dance floor.

What’s one thing you wish people knew about working at weddings?

As much as we’d like to have a drink or three, you can’t get the wedding planner trashed!

What’s the best speech you’ve ever heard?

It started with “Even though she was my girl first, you’re still my best friend and I’m glad I know she will be taken care of!”

What’s your favorite wedding movie and why?

The Wedding Singer, of course! Perfect storyline and ending! How can it not be anyone's favorite? Adam Sandler is the man!

What’s your best marriage advice?

Communicate daily and love. Love as long and as hard as you possibly can. Not every day is a fairytale. Marriage is work. Don’t give up!

For more information about Inexpressible Moments Weddings & Events and Megan’s wedding planning services, visit her website. And to chat with Maryland’s DJ about DJ services for your wedding, fill out our information form!

Published on:

Thursday, April 30, 2020